Using Customer Behavior

Using Customer Behavior Analytics to Increase Revenue

Customer behavior analytics maximizes the value of customer relationships by identifying actionable insights that drive valuable outcomes. Whether to acquire new customers, better engage, or retain existing ones or increase loyalty, customer behavior analytics is the fundamental core to make those initiatives successful.

Ebook Background

About This Ebook

The Opportunity

The digital age has dramatically changed customer behavior and presents many new opportunities for organizations to engage with their customers.


Defining and The Role of Customer Behavior Analytics

Drive more revenue and increase your competitiveness. Customer Acquisition, Engagement, and Retention.

Critical Aspects of Customer Behavior Models

A holistic customer behavior model that analyzes all interactions over time delivers more accurate and actionable results.


How a Modern BI Platform Helps

Answer new questions. Deliver more results. Put your insights to work.

Creating Customer Behavior Analytics in Datameer

Gather the Data. Ensure Privacy & Security. Prepare Your Data. Rapidly Discover Answers From Data. Apply Advanced Analytics. Collaborate with Other Analysts. Operationalize the Results.

Use Cases

Using Behavior Analytics to Increase Customer Lifetime Value and Reduce Customer Churn