Governance Best Practices

Governance Best Practices

We examined several different approaches and architectures for governance. Choose the right approach for the unique needs of your organization, data, analytics, and business teams. With Datameer, you can mix and match these models to fit individual needs with departments or business units.

Ebook Background

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Introduction & Role of Governance

The notion of governing data is laudable. Data is strategic, important and if mishandled, potentially compromising. It certainly needs to be protected. Governance, concerning any data, is of paramount importance.


What Does Governance Encompass?

Lineage and Impact Analysis; Audit; Security; Data Quality; Compliance; Certification; Master Data Management; Data Cataloging.

Key Governance Features in Datameer

Authentication; Secure Impersonation With Kerberos; Roles, Access Control and Permissions; Obfuscation; Lineage; Data Management; Auditing (Event Bus).

Approaches to Governance

Drivers Behind Governance; What You Need to Govern; Introduction; Data-centric; User-centric; Reusability-centric; Department-centric; Lifecycle-centric

Governance Reference Architectures

Datameer-centric; Data Lake-centric; Enterprise-centric.

Conclusion and Other Considerations

Scope, People, Process, and Fit.