Datameer X

Enrich and curate any data using a powerful spreadsheet interface.

An end-to-end Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) solution for Data Lakes

Over 70 Connectors

Datameer makes it easy to ingest and integrate data with more than 70 sources and formats: structured, semi-structured and unstructured. Use our unique data links and retention policies to pull data on demand and reduce data copying, speeding your data pipelines.

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Data Profiling At Every Step

Understand the shape and quality of your data after every transformation.

Visual Exploration

Visual Explorer is the world’s first solution to deliver truly interactive data exploration at scale. Its unique, schema-less architecture enables unconstrained exploration, letting your business analysts focus on what’s important and extract real value from the data.

Enterprise Governance

The world runs on data, and businesses are hungry for it. Our governance features let you easily manage access and permissions with your enterprise security method of choice. Lock down data and encrypt PII as needed, and keep track of all changes made. No chaos here, just more access for all.

Deploy On Any Data Lake