Cloud File Storage Integration

Effortlessly integrate various file types from cloud storage into and out of Snowflake with auto table materializing and advanced scheduling without having to write a single line of code.

Seamless Bi-Directional Integration

Datameer’s Streamlined UI provides an effortless bi-directional integration of data files into Snowflake tables from cloud providers including AWS S3, Microsoft Azure ADL, and Google Cloud GCS, facilitating smooth data transfers to and from Snowflake.

Diverse File Type Compatibility

Our solution supports a wide range of file types for your data management needs, including CSV, JSON, XML, ORC, Parquet, and Avro. This ensures flexibility and compatibility with various data formats.

Production Ready Deployments

Schedule and Operationalize the integration of files into and from Snowflake with advanced support for incremental import / export, schema previews, error handling, compression, output partitioning, and access to execution history with detailed metadata.

End-to-End ELT Pipelines

With scheduled file integration, create Data Driven Pipelines that automatically trigger your transformation projects with materialized views / tables in Snowflake with the added option to auto export datasets as files for downstream consumption outside of Snowflake.

Transform Your Data with Datameer

Experience seamless data processing, enhanced collaboration, and comprehensive insights. Start your journey towards efficient and effective data management today.