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We have a complete analytics lifecycle platform for you – no matter who you are.

Datameer for the Business Analyst

When people can bring together all of their structured and unstructured data and analyze it together – all at once – in a single analytics environment, they can uncover significant insights that would be impossible to get any other way. These insights are the key to gaining competitive advantage. Datameer gives you access to all the data you need on one platform that has IT’s blessing.

Datameer enables you to:

  • Access and collaborate on a single view of raw data from across the enterprise
  • Uncover high value insights (i.e. reduce churn, identify patterns, segmentation) that drive incremental revenue
  • Answer questions quickly  (in minutes, not months) and make all decisions data-driven
  • Address analytic data demand faster with self-service production of hundreds of analytic pipelines for your projects

Datameer for the Data Scientist

Get all the data you want from across the enterprise – as fast as you want. Datameer enables you to rapidly access and transform data for your models. Build thousands of trusted “data pipelines” to deploy curated datasets to whatever data science tool you use (i.e. Sagemaker, DataRobot, etc).

Datameer enables you to:

  • Bring together new data sources from across business units
  • Easily see data relationships and any broken data processes between data sources
  • Quickly access and adjust the data pipeline to get trusted data that meets your requirements
  • Rapidly deliver prescriptive, revenue-driving insights to the business faster

Try Datameer with a  free, hosted lab tutorials or access via trials AWS and Azure marketplaces.

Datameer for the Data Architect

Getting ahead of your backlog of analytics data requests is possible. Datameer makes your data analytics lifecycle agile by streamlining ingestion, preparation, exploration and deployment–on a single, enterprise platform. You’ll get the governance and data security you need while giving business users a proven and usable platform they will adopt.

Datameer enables you to:

  • Replace cobbled together tools with a single enterprise platform that streamlines and productionalizes data workflow processes
  • Address analytic data demand faster – free hours of data engineering / IT support for more strategic work
  • Break down data silos with a single view of raw data from across the enterprise
  • Uncover high value, business-changing insights from enterprise data more quickly
  • Give business users a governed solution that empowers them to see and trust how the data is prepared (and answer ad hoc data questions themselves)

Try Datameer with a  free, hosted lab tutorials or access via trials AWS and Azure marketplaces.

Datameer for the Executive

We often find companies continue to struggle to turn data into a valuable asset for the business. The growing complexities and volumes of data put a strain on IT resources and data engineering resources, while the business is unable to get access to all the data from across the enterprise to inform decision-making. The longer it takes to get the data into the hands of the business, the less valuable it becomes.

By using Datameer’s agile data lifecycle platform, you can gain speed to insight while dramatically reducing IT and data engineering costs.

  • 2500% + engineering efficiency
  • 3x faster analytics cycles

Datameer rapidly transform your raw data into analytics-ready so anyone across the enterprise from IT to data engineering to data scientists to business analysts can easily access and collaborate on a centralized view of all your data. Datameer’s code-free platform takes the burden off of IT and data engineers and gives everyone else the self-service access to the data they need.  Business teams can use powerful and immediate exploration capabilities that deliver new insights in hours, not weeks or months. Collapse business siloes, dramatically reduce time to insight, and realize the full value of your enterprise-wide data.