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How to Model and Transform Data for Qlik

Learn about the best tools and methods to model and transform your data for Qlik Sense and Qlik apps.

The Leading No-Code Airflow Alternative

Airflow is a general-purpose, open-source workflow tool that is used as a data orchestration tool to define and coordinate analytics data pipelines.  Airflow has some similar objectives as Datameer. Your target is often a cloud data warehouse such as a Snowflake, and it allows you to apply software engineering best practices to process the data.  The similarities end there.

Datameer and dbt

Comparing Datameer and Dbt

See the comparison between Datameer and Dbt and see how Datameer goes way beyond your standard SQL-based data transformation to deliver better results.


How to Transform Your Data for Analytics

Let’s explore the various data modeling and data transformation options to see which approaches work best for your modern cloud data warehouse, such as Snowflake.

Data Modeling

What is Data Modeling and How Do You Do It?

The data modeling world is constantly evolving as new technologies are introduced. First, it was data warehousing, then MPP data warehouses, followed by Hadoop and data lakes, and now we are in the cloud data warehouse era.

Datameer SaaS Data Transformation Datasheet

Datameer SaaS Data Transformation Datasheet

Learn more about Datameer’s unique, multi-persona SaaS data transformation solution.

Optimize Your Data Transformations for Snowflake

How to Optimize Your Data Transformations for Snowflake

The first building block of a cloud data stack starts with Snowflake. Your analytics engine and cloud data warehouse is always the core component by which your data stack revolves.


How to Drive Analytics Adoption

Have you spent long evenings and weekends building a modern data infrastructure and still struggling to get the rest of the organization to adopt it? Here is a sure way to get wider business adoption by getting the business teams involved.

Datameer versus Tableau_Prep

Datameer versus Tableau Prep

Compare Tableau Prep with Datameer and learn how Datameer delivers the same ease of use for enterprise-wide data transformation that covers more use cases and works with all your tools.

What is Data Observability?

Learn about Data Observability and how it improves your DataOps processes and overall data flows.

Maximizing Data Completeness for Accurate Decision Making

Learn how Datameer customers use Spectrum to maximize their data completeness for in-depth and well-rounded analytics datasets that drive highly accurate decision-making.

5 Ways the DataOps Process Improves Analytics ROI

Five Ways DataOps Increases Analytics ROI

While DataOps is a process, it also requires critical capabilities within your data platforms to support it and deliver the promised efficiency, quality, and scale. Let’s explore what DataOps is and five specific ways in which DataOps will increase your analytics ROI.

What is DataOps?

Learn all about DataOps: what it is, the scope of it, and the critical capabilities required from data pipeline tools and platforms.

Building Data Pipelines with Datameer Spectrum Overview

Build Enterprise Data Pipelines in Minutes.
The only end-to-end no-code ETL on the market. No code loading; No code transforming

10 things to consider when you're modernizing ETL

Ten Things to Consider When Modernizing Your ETL

Data pipeline, data integration, and ETL tools can vary greatly in their approaches, capabilities, and UX. Use our guide to explore 10 key areas to consider when your modernizing ETL.

Morningstar & Spectrum Featured after webinar

How DBRS Morningstar Embraced ETL++ With Datameer

Rahim Jivani, AVP Business Intelligence at DBRS Morningstar walks us through his business case using AWS, Datameer Spectrum, and Tableau.


Data Governance Technical Brief

Learn the various aspects of the broad subject of data governance, and how Datameer Spectrum provides the deepest suite of data governance features and capabilities on any ETL, ELT, and data integration platform.


Comparison of Leading ETL and Data Integration Platforms

To ensure your organization is maximizing the value of business data, you need the right data integration solution. See how the leading ETL and ELT platforms stack up.

Datameer Spectrum & Matillion

Datameer Spectrum Versus Matillion

Compare Matillion with Datameer Spectrum and learn how Spectrum has faster, easier data pipeline orchestration and eliminates hidden costs.

Datameer and Alation

Learn how Alation and Datameer compare and how they can complement each other to generate even greater analytics ROI.

Why choose ETL ++ after the webinar feat

Why just choose ETL, introducing Datameer Spectrum ETL++

Learn how Datameer Spectrum provides the governance, support, and security with the speed, agility, and cost-effectiveness to extract, transform, and load data to Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, Synapse, and other data warehouses or data lakes.

Datameer Spotlight & Collibra

Datameer and Collibra

Learn how Collibra and Datameer compare and see how the two can complement each other to drive greater analytics ROI.

Have a Cloud Data Featured

Have a cloud data warehouse, now what?

Datameer Spotlight is the control that data engineers require and the self-reliance and flexibility that data consumers crave.

Datameer X Accelerates Machine Learning Analytics and Increases Model Accuracy

ETL ELT and Data Integration Essentials

Learn what ETL, ELT, and data integration are all about and how Datameer Spectrum handles them all.

Data Governance Featured Image Blog

Data Governance Essentials

See what data governance is, the role it plays in your organizations, and how Spotlight provides key data governance features to support your data operations.

National Instruments

National Instruments: Journey to a Data-Driven Organization

Learn how National Instruments selected Datameer to identify and overcome various challenges on their data journey.

How People Analytics Drives Recruiting of Essential Workers in the Covid-19 Crisis

Analytics Driving Recruitment of Essential Workers in Covid-19 Crisis

We chatted with Priyanka Khosla, People Insights & Workforce Planning at Sobeys Inc. We discussed people analytics, key metrics, and best practices on how to recruit and hire essential workers during a pandemic efficiently. Watch this webinar to learn more.

Collaborative Analytics

Collaborative analytics increases knowledge around data, facilitates greater trust, brings new ideas on how to use the analytics, and generally produces faster insights with greater detail and accuracy.

Data Preparation

Both data preparation and feature engineering are the most time-consuming and important processes in data mining.

An Essential Guide to Cloud Migration

As if managing data of increasing size weren’t hard enough, organizations are now challenged to monitor business processes, assemble complete views of customers, and weave a cohesive analysis of corporate performance based on hybrid data that are strewn across the traditional enterprise and multiple clouds.

Datameer & Alteryx

Alteryx Alternative

Spotlight has AI-augmented “prep” features to sharpen up data for an analysis – blends, filters, simple modeling, and even JSON transformations.

Data Profiling

Businesses perform data profiling to better understand the condition and the value of their data, making it discoverable and actionable along the way.

Data Mining

Data mining provides several techniques that can help organizations classify this data and try to find patterns or relationships between pieces of data.


Data Catalogs

Enterprise data management is impossible if you can’t manage, access, and process large amounts of data.

TDWI Cloud Data Management Best Practices

As if managing data of increasing size weren’t hard enough, organizations are challenged to monitor business processes, assemble complete views of customers, and weave a cohesive analysis of corporate performance based on hybrid data strewn across the traditional enterprise and multiple clouds.

Agile Data Pipelines for Cloud Machine Learning

Agile Data Pipelines for Cloud Machine Learning

With the agility and scalability of a modern data platform, analytics teams can make better decisions and provide faster results.

Agile Data Pipelines for Cloud Data Warehouses

Agile Data Pipelines for Cloud Data Warehouses

Cloud data warehouses give business teams the ability to deliver more analytic value faster than ever. Download this brief for more.

Best Practices for Moving Highly Sensitive Data to the Cloud

Best Practices for Moving Highly Sensitive Data to the Cloud

Our guest Patrick McGrath, Director of Product Management, Search & Analytics at Commvault, talked about the best practices for moving sensitive data to the cloud.


Scores of Coronavirus Vaccines are in Competition — How Will Scientists Choose the Best?

Join Nikhil Kumar and Steve Egan while looking at coronavirus data from 3 different drug clinical trial data, add patients’ demographics and comorbidity data, and solve which drug might be the most effective against Covid-19.

Using Data to Prevent Financial Fraud

Leveraging Data to Prevent Financial Fraud

Learn how a financial firm accessed hard-to-get data and brought it all together ‘virtually, using data to prevent financial fraud.


How an Auto Insurer Uses Data on Driver Behaviors to Adjust Premiums

Join our webinar to find out how one of America’s top auto-insurer used Spotlight to create a virtual analytics hub that enabled data scientists to quickly and easily find, gain access, and run advanced analytics on their disparate data landscape.

The Fastest Way to Migrate to the Cloud

The Fastest Way to Migrate to the Cloud

Join Frank Henze on how to migrate some or all of your analytics and data science workloads to the cloud with ease while also enabling teams to run their data science projects across hybrid and multi-cloud landscapes.

How to Use Snowflake for Agile Analytics

By using agile analytics and data virtualization, your Snowflake projects are faster, more cost-effective, and less risky. This short webinar will discuss the core pillars that will make your Snowflake analytics projects truly agile.

Successful Approaches to Cloud Analytics

Successful Approaches to Cloud Analytics

Join us in a discussion with Andrew Brust. He advises customers on analytics strategies, writes about Big Data for ZDNet and GigaOm, co-chairs a series of developer conferences the Visual Studio Live!, and is an influencer in the Microsoft ecosystem, recognized as both a Microsoft Regional Director and Data Platform MVP.

Agile Delivery of New Cloud Analytics

Agile Delivery of New Cloud Analytics

Join John Morrell and Steve Egan for this empowering webinar on how to gain faster analytics for your business, more excellent analytics teams’ productivity and more significant ROI on analytics initiatives.


Analytics Opportunities for Retail in 2020

In discussion with Gary Angel, CEO of Digital Mortar and long-time retail digital analytics thought-leader, we discuss retail industry analytics and its challenges. Watch this webinar to hear more.

Design Patterns for Data Preparation using Datameer

While each use case may be unique, many common design patterns can be used for data preparation in data pipelines that curate data for analysis. Let’s explore these and see how you can apply them.

Data Preparation & Pipelines for Data Science using Datameer

Learn how you can use advanced data preparation and exploration to explore your data to determine fit, rapidly shape your data for AI and ML engines, and deploy data pipelines to create a cooperative workflow with AI and ML tools.

How to Deliver on the Promises of Self-Service Data and Analytics

Delivering on the Promises of Self-Service Data and Analytics with BMO

Join our guest Gaurav Mishra, Director of Data Science at BMO Financial Group, discussing how a simple unified data platform will empower end-users.

The Ultimate Combination of Power, Reliability, and Agility on Azure

Organizations that use the AWS ecosystem rely on Datameer’s self-service solutions to pipeline data to the cloud faster, search and perform petabyte-scale analytics across complex data landscapes, and unlock more insights from all their data.

Self-Reliant Solutions for Trusted Analytics on Google Cloud Platform

With Datameer and Google Cloud Platform, analytic teams are completely self-reliant. Teams discover data, analyze it in minutes, and invest their time in what they do best – on the data-driven decisions that advance your business.

Your Solution for Trusted Analytics Environments on AWS

Organizations that use the AWS ecosystem rely on Datameer’s self-reliant solutions to pipeline data to the cloud faster, search and perform petabyte-scale analytics across complex data landscapes, and unlock more insights from all their data.

A Clear Path to Affordable Cloud Analytics With Datameer & Snowflake

Data teams that use Snowflake harness Datameer’s self-reliant solutions for agile analytics across complex data landscapes to rapidly unlock 30x more insights from all their data and lower the costs of using Snowflake.

Access Over 200 New Data Sources for Tableau Workbooks Without a Data Warehouse

Access data for your Tableau dashboards that you never could before, including Facebook Ads, Workday, Twitter Ads, Hubspot, Shopify, Dynamics, SAP Concur, and so much more. No data warehouse necessary. No data engineering is required.

Increasing Analytics Teams Productivity - Featured Image

Increasing Analytics Teams Productivity

Join Bob Page, Datameer Spotlight Chief Product Officer, and Steve Egan, our Data & Analytics Solutions Engineer, on how to empower your analytics team to discover, and find any data in the enterprise, collaborate, and perform ad-hoc analytics with any BI or data science tool.


Evolving Your Regulatory Compliance

The right tools can enable a company to move quickly from regulatory compliance success to strategic data excellence in months. Datameer has helped enterprises around the world scale their regulatory data operationalization efforts to do just that.

Telecom Network Capacity Planning

As part of its impressive growth and expansion, a global telecommunications company needed to roll out a new content delivery network for a high-growth offering: high-speed video player services. Management made an initial investment in network infrastructure, rolling out limited amounts of upgraded bandwidth in strategic geographies.

Evolving Your Analytics with Big Data

Evolving Your Analytics with Big Data

Big data analytics enables you to answer a new generation of questions to become an agile business and allows the BI and analytics team to deliver more insights to your organization.


Using Customer Behavior Analytics to Increase Revenue

Customer behavior analytics maximizes the value of customer relationships by identifying actionable insights that drive valuable outcomes. Whether to acquire new customers, better engage, or retain existing ones or increase loyalty, customer behavior analytics is the fundamental core to make those initiatives successful.


Best Practices for Creating an Optimal Data Lake

Big data can only get bigger. Data lakes help you manage data in all forms, shapes, and sizes. But how do you get more value from all this data?

Financial Services Cultivating Customer Relationships

Financial services institutions are under continuous pressure to identify ways to grow their revenue and assets under management. At the same time, competitive threats abound as financial services firms of all types compete for customers and their wallet share.


Getting GDPR Compliant with Your Big Data Analytics

With a great deal of personal data being used in big data analytics, you must choose a platform that provides the deepest functionality to ensure you are GDPR compliant while still lowering the administrative burden needed to manage compliance processes. Datameer fits the bill.


Big Data Analytics: Financial Services Regulatory Compliance

Datameer’s big data analytics platform provides the right combination of power, speed, and flexibility required to navigate the unpredictable waves of financial services regulatory compliance requirements successfully.


Retail Use Cases for Enterprise

An effective data engineering platform can help retailers harness this vast amount of data to optimize the customer experience, increase sales across all channels, and make merchandising a data-driven process.

Upgrade the Telecom Service

Telecom Service Customer Experience

Big data analytics combines and analyzes data related to customer interactions, innovation, service execution, and network performance, providing a 360-degree service experience view. This process allows winning CSPs to retain and grow their customer base, increase service utilization, and raise customer lifetime value (LTV).

Anti Money Laundering

Anti Money Laundering

Datameer’s analytics platform provides the right combination of power, speed, and flexibility required to successfully navigate the unpredictable waves of financial services compliance requirements. Learn more about our work in financial services or sign up to attend a live demo.


Top Six Telecommunications Big Data Use Cases

Explore Big Data Use Cases and See How Big Data Analytics Can Transform Operations, Enhance Customer Experiences, and Boost the Bottom Line.


Defining the Value of Big Data Customer Analytics

Customer analytics, driven by big data, can transform the buyer-seller relationship. It’s not simply about gaining deeper insights about customers but using that data to drive more effective personalized marketing, increasing sales productivity, and retaining customers for a higher lifetime value.


Governance Best Practices

We examined several different approaches and architectures for governance best practices. Choose the right approach for the unique needs of your organization, data, analytics, and business teams. With Datameer, you can mix and match these models to fit individual needs with departments or business units.