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Organizations that use the AWS ecosystem rely on Datameer’s self-service solutions to pipeline data to the cloud faster, search and perform petabyte-scale analytics across complex data landscapes, and unlock more insights from all their data.

Deploy, embed, and scale data pipelines with reduced management and cost with Spectrum

Datameer Spectrum is designed to handle the scale, volume, and complexity of heavy-duty enterprise workloads. With native support for AWS EMR, S3, and IAM, Datameer Spectrum was built for the complexity of large enterprises running on AWS.

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Manage data gravity

Migrate data when you want to move it and where you want to move it—but not until you need to move it. Maximize your investment in AWS by taking advantage of low-cost computing while keeping data safe and secure on-premises.

A flexible, cloud-native data architecture

Powerful architecture coupled with spreadsheet simplicity

Spectrum’s architecture discovers your schema on-the-fly, allowing for quick integration of new data sets. Easy spreadsheet-style transformations—packed with over 300 functions—put your most valuable data in the hands of analysts without having to code.

Datameer Spectrum: Cloud Migration

Separate storage and compute for cost savings in the cloud

Spectrum enables dynamic elasticity by separating storage from computing—rapidly scale-out jobs on large data sets. When the job is done, compute power is automatically deallocated to keep costs down.

Accelerate trusted analytics across your AWS data landscape with Spotlight’s intuitive, self-reliant UI

Datameer Spotlight delivers everything your analytics teams need – discovery, access, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and governance – in a single integrated platform across your data landscape to accelerate and take the risk out of your analytics. With Datameer Spotlight, analysts complete projects 20x faster with access to more AWS resources.

Cloud Migration - Enterprise-grade Security and Governance

The single, best security and governance platform for AWS data & analytics workflows

Spotlight is a single, self-reliant platform that can deliver new analytics fast with enterprise security and governance you should expect. With Spotlight, there is no longer a need to use disjointed tools to access data - and no longer a reason to sacrifice security and governance.

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Powerful data discovery and exploration at your fingertips

Datameer Spotlight makes it easy for analysts to discover and explore all of your AWS data landscape. With Spotlight, analytics teams quickly solve business problems faster with the best data, no matter where it resides.

Datameer: Eliminate security and governance risks

Share knowledge and build trust

With Datameer Spotlight, data professionals build a community-sourced, trusted knowledge base around not only AWS data but all your data. Quickly find and collaborate with trusted subject matter experts to efficiently re-use assets and harness new data sources in any domain. And expertise is coupled with data assets, so businesses retain data knowledge - no matter what the future holds.

Use Cases

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AWS Pipelines Made Easy

Pipeline data when you want to move it and where you want to move it—but not until you need to move it. Virtualize your complex data landscape and develop blueprints in Datameer Spotlight. Then, securely pipeline data to AWS with Datameer Spectrum’s feature-rich data curation tools.

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Trusted Enterprise Analytics

Harness the AWS’s elasticity by using Datameer Spectrum’s advanced data pipelines along with Datameer Spotlight’s collaborative data models. Confidently power new analytics across data sources and operationalize complex dashboards in any popular BI tool.

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