The Enterprise-class Solution for Modern ETL and Data Pipelines on AWS

Datameer is the leading cloud data platform for AWS because it combines the perfect blend of cloud ease of use, automated elasticity and DataOps, and consistent enterprise security and governance that encompasses your entire hybrid cloud.  With Datameer on AWS, analysts get access to the data they need in minutes, rather than days or weeks, with full data usefulness and completeness for rapid insights.

Create, deploy, and manage enterprise-class ETL data pipelines with less management overhead and lower cloud costs with Datameer

Datameer offers an easy-to-use, code-free toolset allowing fast definition of ETL data pipelines with a powerful platform designed to handle the most complex, heavy-duty enterprise data pipeline workloads.  With integration into crucial AWS services such as EMR, S3, IAM, and KMS, Datameer provides a seamless service for your AWS environment while delivering the elastic scale, security, and governance your DataOps teams demand.

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Cloud Simplicity with Enterprise Power

Datameer provides the ease of use and operation you expect from the cloud to build and manage data pipelines with the enterprise-scale, security, and governance your modern organization demands.

A flexible, cloud-native data architecture

Bridge Your Entire Hybrid Cloud and Use Cases

With over 200 connectors, Datameer works securely with any data source you have – on-premises or cloud. A suite of 300+ transformation, enrichment, and organization functions cover the full gambit of use cases, giving you a single data pipeline hub for all your needs.

Datameer Spectrum: Cloud Migration

Choose the Best Processing Model and Save $

ETL, ELT, data preparation – you choose the model best suited for your use cases. Datameer supports them all with automated elasticity and optimized execution. Eliminate hidden cloud costs and reduce your overall monthly cloud bills.

Most cloud data integration and pipeline tools only support the ELT model, forcing you to “replicate” your raw data into the cloud, creating potential security and governance threats and driving up costs.  With Datameer, we can do everything you need to turn disparate data into an optimized, analytics-ready form secure while in transit.  Transform, combine, normalize, enrich, and organize the data to deliver data usefulness and completeness, while leaving raw, source data in place and protected, and lowering your cloud costs.  If you want ELT, Datameer supports that model as well.

Use Cases

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SaaS Application and Cloud Services Analytics

Connect to practically any Cloud/SaaS data source, transform, combine, normalize, enrich, and organize the data so it is analytics-ready in transit, then load it into your favorite AWS cloud data warehouse, including Redshift or Snowflake – all in one process.  Deliver analytics on your SaaS applications and cloud services quickly, easily, and at a lower cost.

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Make Sense of Your Cloud Data Lake

Fully leverage all the data from your AWS S3 cloud data lake by engineering the raw data into analytics-ready form without any coding.  Quickly define data pipelines that wrangle complex data, normalize and enrich it with master data, and feed your CDW or back into your data lake.  Get more value from your data lake with reduced data engineering costs.

Hybrid-Cloud Data Pipelines

Bring together all your data – on-premises, SaaS, and cloud – on AWS in a highly secure and governed manner without data replication via data pipelines that create optimized, comprehensive datasets for analytics.  Ensure data usefulness and completeness for analytics, while leaving raw, source data in place and protected, and lowering your cloud costs.

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