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Datameer Demo

In this video, we provide a comprehensive Datameer demo, including its features, capabilities, and how it streamlines data analytics workflows

Dataset Caching

Datameer‘s Dataset Caching feature speeds up your workflow and enhances preview performance, reducing empty previews and speeding up downstream transformations.

Metadata Inspector

Metadata Inspector

Datameer’s new Metadata Inspector eliminates the need to switch between screens and tabs, providing a single, user-friendly interface for viewing and updating metadata.

grouping transformation nodes

Grouping Transformation Nodes

Learn how to simplify your Datameer project with complex data transformations by using the Grouping feature. Follow the step by step guide.

JSON parsing with datameer

Semi-Structured Data

Take a look at Datameer’s ability to explore, parse and extract semi-structured data such as JSON and variant columns using a NoCode Wizardlike approach versus the typical tedious custom coding approaches.

Datameer Google Sheets Integration

Datameer’s Google Sheets integration offers a seamless way to synchronize your Snowflake data with Google Sheets, providing you with real-time and updated information.

Point-and-Click Union in Datameer

Let’s take a look at Unioning and Datameer. Unioning can be tricky as schemas vary based on an easy-to-use point-and-click number of columns and data types. In Datameer, we have an easy-to-use point-and-click interface to define the union. 

Explore and Transform Datasets

The Datameer Interface

Watch this short demo to see how to navigate through the Datameer Interface.

Filter and Replace

Watch this short demo to see how to filter and replace with Datameer

Aggregate Transformations

Watch this short demo to see how to aggregate transformations with Datameer

Extract and Split Function

Watch this short demo to see how the extract and split function in Datameer works.

Dataset Joins

Watch this short demo to see how to JOIN in Datameer. Inner, outer, left, or a right join.

Pivot Data

Watch this short demo to see how to Pivot data in Datameer. 

Manage Columns Function

Watch this short demo to see how to remove and hide columns by using the manage columns function in Datameer.