Datameer Manage Columns Function

Watch this short demo to see how to remove and hide columns by using the manage columns function in Datameer. 


Removing and hiding columns in Datameer is very quick and easy to implement using the MANAGE COLUMNS functionality.

  • I have some personal data such as first name, last name, gender, etc. I want to hide these details from my dataset for compliance and data privacy reasons.
  • Inside Datameer, I can select the datasets I want to work with and see a preview of my data. I can also select the columns tab and see a view with my column names, data types, and any descriptions that can be added.
  • When I select the green plus icon, I can choose from several different transformations or recipes.
  • Selecting the manage columns recipe, I can choose to toggle on and off the columns, I want to include in my dataset.
  • For example, let's remove the first name, last name, gender, and credit card number from my data set.
  • You can use the find columns search box for larger datasets to filter the list from visible columns to quickly locate the columns you wish to search for.
  • Once I'm happy with the columns removed, I can hit the "Apply" button. The column view and the data preview are updated and apply an operation listed on the right-hand side of the recipe list.

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