A Modern Data Pipeline and Management Platform built for Snowflake

Empower the Enterprise with a Hybrid No-Code and SQL solution to build, manage, and automate your data transformation pipelines with unmatched speed and simplicity.

Do it all on one platform

Data Transformation

A next-gen data transformation workflow, Datameer combines rapid analytics deployment with robust SQL capabilities.

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Job Management

Create, manage, and monitor Cloud Data Warehouse jobs effortlessly, all within a secure and organized framework.

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Data Quality

Promote data quality across your organization with Datameer’s collaborative features.

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Cost Control

Purpose built tools and dashboards to help you understand, monitor, and control cloud data warehouse spend.

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AI Powered Data

Enhance project documentation and discovery with an automated solution.

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Cloud File Storage Integration

Integrate files from cloud storage into and out of Snowflake with auto table materializing and advanced scheduling.

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Keeping all of your
data in one place,
on Snowflake

Datameer was purpose built for Snowflake to streamline your data processes, reducing duplicate work and keeping your data accessible.

Modern BI Architecture with Datameer

Datameer integrates seamlessly with your modern data stack, offering advanced data transformation, enrichment, and automation capabilities to drive unparalleled depth in insights.

Collaborate with your team

Data engineer

Deploy high-quality analytics code faster than ever

Warehouse admin

Gain full visibility and control of your data warehouse costs

Business user

Explore and analyze datasets deployed by your data team

Get started in minutes

  • Cost Savings: No installation, maintenance, infrastructure, or IT labor costs.
  • Instant User Activation: Users can start in seconds.
  • Continuous Innovation: Access new features seamlessly.
  • Universal Accessibility: Works on any desktop, laptop, or OS.

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