Explore Data and Build Models in Snowflake

Transform data using SQL, No Code, or both. Discover insights in minutes, not months.

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Explore and Transform Datasets

Focus on discovering new insights.

Explore Datasets

Scan and maintain a catalog of Snowflake datasets and your team’s work

Prepare and Enrich

Transform data in an easy to understand, but extremely powerful, canvas interface

Publish Models

Materialize models in Snowflake for easy integration and downstream consumption

Deploy Pipelines

Deploy production pipelines directly from Datameer or through integration with dbt

Designed for Hybrid Teams

A collaborative environment for teams using SQL and No Code to explore, transform, and publish new models for reporting, analytics and ML

Datameer - SQL interface
Datameer - no code interface
Datameer - both interface

Architected to Fit Your Modern Data Stack

Datameer covers your entire data life cycle journey from discovery, data curation, deployment,and catagloging of data insights all within Snowflake via a direct live connection.

Deploy Trusted Data

Enable responsible self service with automated documentation, metadata enrichment and build in semantic layer.

Auto Documentation

Documentation and lineage are maintained by Datameer during the entire lifecycle of your project.

Build-in Catalog

Your teams important work is cataloged to promote shared understanding and trust.

What Our Customers Say

Ryan Goodman, Vice President of Analytics, Reliant Funding

We centralize our data in Snowflake and use Datameer to build the data models needed to support the various analytics projects across the organization directly in Snowflake. Historically, these models were built using lots of SQL code taking months to develop and roll out. Compared to other data transformation tools, Datameer’s intuitive, in-Snowflake, no-code solution enables my teams to publish ready-to-use data in hours.

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Tim Nolan, Head of Technology, Skylar

Datameer is great for SQL power users. It allows me to take operations that would otherwise be complex and time-consuming to write and compose them in a straightforward, step-by-step format where I can quickly and easily see the underlying SQL and preview output data along the way.

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Rosemary Hua, Global Retail and CPG Industry GTM lead , Snowflake

Snowflake and Datameer’s partnership can help joint customers in retail and eCommerce  reimagine what’s possible with data, helping them govern and share data seamlessly to deliver personalized customer experiences, optimize supply chains, and make data-driven merchandising decisions.

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Dmitry Samosseiko, Director of Threat Research, Sophos

Our SQL solution did not scale well with the growing volume of data we were getting, and it was becoming costly to maintain. The bigger the database got, the slower the queries became. Not only did Datameer solve that query performance and scalability issue, but it also managed to make it super easy for our researchers and analysts to use without having to write any code.

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Rahim Jivani, AVP of BI, Morningstar

Only Datameer could provide us with a product that offered a very fast no-code and low-code environment and could meet the needs of our extremely complex data pipelines and DataOps.

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Brandon Bunker, VP, Video and Computer Vision, Vivint

One of the challenges and opportunities with the Internet of things is that there has been an explosion of stream data. Instead of having one row per customer, there may be thousands or millions of rows per customer. With its intuitive Excel-like user interface, Datameer made it extremely easy for my team to get up and running very quickly.

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