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Empower the Business to Get Insights Faster

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Get Insights Faster With Easy Access to All Your Data

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Transform Your Business Into a Data-Driven Organization


  • Matt Hawkins
  • Global Data Integration, Infrastructure Manager
  • Surfdome

“We purchased Datameer and Hadoop to solve an initial data problem we had and since then we've solved every data problem with Datameer and Hadoop.”

  • Scott Salter
  • VP of Enterprise Data Services
  • Cox Automotive

"In the past it would take months to get data in the hands of analysts. Today, using our Hadoop and Datameer solution, it takes days."

  • Jason Delker
  • Chief Technology and Chief Data Officer
  • Pinsight Media+

"We believe that Datameer has the ability to empower entire organizations and make data matter."

  • Lyle Dungy
  • Director of Intelligence
  • Detroit Crime Commission

“Datameer helps us move through the intelligence cycle very quickly. This tool is very much needed to combat crime effectively in today’s world.”

  • Brandon Bunker
  • Senior Director of Customer Analytics and Intelligence
  • Vivint

"One of the challenges and opportunities with the Internet of Things is that there has been an explosion of stream data, which is unlike the traditional data we’ve worked with. Instead of having one row per customer there may be thousands or millions of rows per customer. Since Datameer is purpose built for Hadoop and it has an intuitive Excel-like user interface, my team was able to get up and running very quickly.”

  • Phil Shelley
  • Former CTO
  • Sears

"Using Datameer, Sears can develop in 3 days interactive reports that used to take IT 12 weeks."

  • Sky Christopherson
  • Trainer
  • U.S. Women's Olympic Cycling Team

"Datameer can easily analyze data, and has very good visualization, which was exactly what we needed to see how everything interconnected."

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