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Create, curate, and now interactively explore your enterprise data lake with ease

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Introducing Datameer on AWS

Offering the flexibility, scalability and elasticity required for your cloud-based big data strategy

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Ebook: Five New Big Data Use Cases for 2018

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Getting value from your data lake shouldn’t be so hard.

Datameer enables the creation, preparation, exploration, and consumption of enterprise-grade data lakes in a single solution.

Fill your data lake

Build trusted big data pipelines in days, not weeks

Fill your data lake

Make analysts 98 percent more productive

Fill your data lake

See what matters at the speed of thought

What can you do with Datameer?

Deploy on-premises, in the cloud, or take a hybrid approach to storing and processing your data. No matter your architecture, Datameer lets you:

Fill your data lake

Easily fill your data lake with any raw data

Transform and join

Visually prepare, profile, cleanse, blend, transform and join your data

Self-service analyst Access

Secure, govern, and manage who can do what, when

Secure, govern and manage

Bring your analysts to the data lake for interactive exploration and self-service curation

“We believe that Datameer has the ability to empower entire organizations and make data matter.”

Jason Delker | Chief Technology and Chief Data Officer, Pinsight Media

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Leading enterprises make their data lakes actionable with Datameer:

BT Group

Deep Integrations For a Seamless Big Data Architecture

Hadoop under the hood? BI tools deeply entrenched? Heading to the cloud? Datameer is deeply compatible with existing big data architectures, making integration into your existing stack a breeze.

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Big Data Architecture

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