How to build your snowflake data stack in one day

How to Build Your Modern Snowflake Data Stack in One Day

Take a deep dive into the modern Snowflake data stack and explore the critical requirements to have an effective modern data stack.

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About the White Paper

Your modern Snowflake data stack is the centerpiece of your analytics architecture.  In this white paper we will explore what your modern data stack should look like, how each component is used, and the key considerations when building one.


What is a Snowflake Data Stack?

You will learn what a modern data stack is and where it fits into your architecture.

What Makes Up a Snowflake Data Stack?

You will learn how a modern data stack is put together and the overall architecture.

DataOps Process: Data Platform Capabilities

What Each Component Looks Like

You will take a deep dive into each component and what functions it performs.

Key Considerations for Selecting Components

You will explore the important requirements and selection criteria for each component.

Sneak Peek: What is a Modern Snowflake Data Stack?

Historically, large enterprises would build out what was called a “data platform” to support the flow of data across their organization. The data platform was a mesh of data technologies to support specific applications (including analytics) along with integration points between these as needed, both custom or using integration technologies.

The data platform architecture for an enterprise would be highly involved and consist of complex technologies. Over time, organizations would break their data platform into sections specific to certain aspects – applications, analytics, etc. The term “data stack” came into vogue to define the set of components or technologies to support the flow and use of data for analytics

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