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Datameer Cloud

Datameer is a cloud data preparation tool that helps analysts clean, transform, and analyze Snowflake data more efficiently.

Equipping analysts with the complete data toolset they need to efficiently prep their data.

With Datameer Cloud, businesses can:

  • Discover and explore data from your Snowflake data.
  • Clean and transform data to ensure its accuracy and consistency.
  • Build and deploy data pipelines to automate the data preparation process.
  • Share data with stakeholders across the organization.

Discover, clean, transform, automate and share data

Benefits of using Datameer:

  • Increased data accuracy and consistency
  • Reduced data preparation time
  • Improved data access and sharing
  • Increased data-driven decision making

Snowflake Technology Partner

We are proud to be a recognized Snowflake SELECT partner

Datameer is monitored by Drata

Data Security

We are committed to protecting your data.

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