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What you need in an analytics lifecycle platform

Unify fragmented data from across the enterprise into a single, trusted view. Understand and control how data connects together. Unlock ground truth insights in seconds, not days.

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Integrate raw data from across your enterprise

Use our built-in connectors to more than 70+ enterprise data sources. Load structured or unstructured data from any source with ease.

  • Any size / any data
  • 70+ built-in connectors
  • Wizard-led integration

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Curate and enrich complex data sets

Transform, blend, and enrich in a simple spreadsheet-like interface with over 270+ pre-built data prep functions.

  • Spreadsheet UI (no coding)
  • 270+ built-in functions
  • Transform / enrich any data

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Visually analyze and discover insights on-the-fly

No more code. We’ve made data discovery real-time and visual. Drill down or scale across your data to see revenue-driving insights.

  • Visual data insight discovery
  • Sub-second response time
  • Scale across / drill down

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Operationalize hundreds of “data pipelines”

Use our no-code interface to deploy datasets anywhere you want them to go. Use job scheduling and monitoring features ensure pipelines are executed regularly and efficiently.

  • Export to any source
  • No ETL “data pipelines”
  • Scheduling / Automation

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Strong yet flexible data governance

Datameer enables data exploration across lines-of-business while ensuring proper governance of data assets. Know your data is always secure but also continuously flowing to your business teams.

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Cloud, hybrid or on-premises

Get the power and elasticity of a modern data architecture. Native-on-Hadoop. Native on AWS EMR. Easily integrates into your data ecosystem.

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Datameer on AWS

Datameer on Azure

How Datameer works for you

25X engineering efficiency
Quickly curate and productionalize datasets so you can focus on solving bigger problems.
Address data demand with one governed solution
Data Scientists
1000s more data sets
Ensure your projects are fed with trusted data sets form across the enterprise.
3X faster analytics cycles
No more waiting for data. Explore all your data sources in minutes and ask your biggest what-ifs.

“Datameer helps us see the data, interact with it, and have those cycles be much faster.”

Sr. Dr. Customer Analytics & Intelligence, Vivinet

“Datameer’s excel interface makes it really easy to see the what-if analysis and rationalize how different data parts are connected.”

Principal Data Scientist, Vivint

What Datameer can do for your business

Datameer puts data in the hands of your teams. Start asking your biggest questions. Get business-changing answers immediately.

Operational efficiency
Where are hardware upgrades actually?
Correlate facility maintenance and service upgrades against actual revenue to reduce unnecessary expenditure. A Telco customer saved 150M in 8 weeks by prioritizing cell tower upgrades against customer contracts.
Marketing campaign optimization
Which campaign combinations accelerate close?
Identify the ROI of different campaigns by correlating them with transactional data. A finance customer decreased customer acquisition costs by 30% by optimizing social media advertising against actual transactions.
Customer segmentation
What behaviors actually signal churn?
Drill into a 360 view of your customer data to identify key signals. A gaming company grew from 50M to 600M in revenue in 3 years simply by identifying user behaviors by segment and getting users to play longer and pay more.
Fraud detection
Where is fraud potentially happening right now?
Use strong data profiling and time series analytics to identify anomalies. One banking Customer prevented $2B of potential fraud.
Product optimization
What product features actually drive performance?
An Oil & Gas customer realized over $100M per year by identifying the characteristics of high performing wells and developing enhanced design.
Data analysis
What insights can be found instantly in TB of data?
Datameer’s parallel processing power enables instant analysis of terabytes of raw data. A cancer research center accelerated cancer treatment analysis by 150x and discovered previously unknown cancer genomes.

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