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It’s a common problem – analytics is accessible to a small group of technical users. Datameer’s intuitive, but extremely powerful canvas interface empowers everyone in your organization to analyze data and unlock hidden insights.

Data requests tend to rely on small technical teams that have a hard time keeping up. Datameer speeds up the analytics workflow for technical teams and enables self-service for business users, which reduces the burden on your technical resources.

Data teams often need to modify or completely re-build their projects due to requirement changes or lack of early solution validation. With Datameer, users can validate their solutions faster. Data, lineage and documentation is updated in real-time, enabling you to test new ideas, prototype solutions, and validate results much faster.

Team’s do not have a firm grasp on what datasets already exist or whether an existing dataset can be trusted. It is often easier to re-build a project from scratch, than try to decipher older work. With Datameer, your work is visual and easy to understand by design. Datameer’s built in catalog indexes, enriches and auto-documents your work, making it more likely to be re-discovered and re-used.

Teams working with data have different skillsets and preferences. Anna may prefer No Code. Greg may prefer SQL. Steve may like mixing the two. Datameer supports all three.

It is common for Datameer to replace workflows for several existing tools. By empowering technical and business users, Datameer helps teams centralize their analytics in one place.

Some technology stacks move data out of Snowflake for preparation and analysis. Datameer is built to maximize your Cloud Data Warehouse investment by transforming, analyzing and storing the data where it lives. Everything in Datameer is powered by live queries to your Snowflake.

Teams lack a central place of truth for insights. Datameer provides auto-documentation, metadata enrichment and a built in catalog to help you centralize analytics in one place. With Datameer, you will never have to ask “Where did this data come from?” again.

SOC2 Type I

Datameer has successfully completed a System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Type I audit, performed by Sensiba LLP (Sensiba)

Snowflake Technology Partner

We are proud to be a recognized Snowflake SELECT partner

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