Filter and Replace

Watch this short demo to see how to filter and replace with Datameer


Let’s look at a few of the no-code, point-and-click operations in Datameer. We can access those by looking at a particular asset and bringing up the context menu with the no-code operations.

  • So here, we can do things like extract, filter, replace, and split.
  • In my example, I will go ahead and filter this dataset. And what we have here is an interactive workbench where we have the data, from the Snowflake column here, the column metrics associated with that.
  • And then, as we form our operations, and for this example, I'm going to filter a particular value. When I hit apply, that will show me my criteria here. I can add multiple filtering criteria—ultimately applying and seeing how that influences the data below from the updated associate column metrics—a friendly interactive environment.
  • Additionally, we can add another operation to this recipe. As you can see on the right, we'll see the associate steps in that recipe as we add different operations.
  • In this example, we'll replace a particular value within a column. So here, I can select a column that I would like to replace. You will need to fill in the current value and the value that I will replace.
  • And once I go ahead and hit "Apply." You'll see that step added over here on the right to the steps of my recipe. And then, we can go through and see the new column and the associated value that we replace.

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