The Extract and Split Function

Watch this short demo to see how the extract and split function in Datameer works.


Extracting and splitting column data in Datameer is quick and easy to implement using the no-code extract and split functionality.

  • I will start by selecting the extract recipe. I select the column name that I want to extract from. I can then create a new column to extract my data into.
  • The start index defines how many characters from the left should be skipped before I start the extraction. Our count starts from 0.
  • And the length defines how many characters to copy into my column.
  • The new extract operation is also listed in the recipe list on the right-hand side.
  • Another similar function is the ability to split column data by a specific pattern.
  • Using the split function, you can select the column you wish to split, provide a new column name and supply a delimiter value you want to split the column by.
  • Applying the split function will generate the new columns, and I can preview how they look in the data preview tab.

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