Google Sheets Integration

Watch this short demo to see how to use Google Sheets with Datameer

Google Sheets and Datameer

[Video Transcript]

Let’s say we want to take the results of a Datameer pipeline and send the output to Google Sheets. So let’s say we have a blank sheet set up, and we’ve built a series of joints and transformations within Datameer, and we’d like to take the resulting data set and send that to Google Sheets. So we do have a number of sharing options. I can download, I can send, and schedule emails. And now we have the send to Google Sheets.

I would simply enter the URL of the document to which I want to output and then set the schedule. And then, on that schedule, it will refresh the Google Sheet with the series of transformations and joins. It will rerun those and then refresh the Google Sheet. We can see that it’s now a visual indicator of where this is output to, and we can look at our sheet and see the results of our pipeline and Datameer. It’s now automatically sent to Google Sheets and refreshed.

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