Pivot data in Datameer

Watch this short demo to see how to Pivot data in Datameer. 


Pivot tables are an extremely valuable analytical tool that allows analysts to produce measures based on multiple dimensions. Datameer provides an easy-to-use end-user interface to do pivoting.

  • We can pivot data in the same wizard-like UI that excel would provide so that an end-user can define which rows and columns to see. Datameer automatically analysis that attribute and provides unique values so that I can go ahead and select my columns.
  • Go ahead and apply that, and it will become another view in my overall lineage. And we can easily add other operations like filters, aggregates, and join functions.
Snowflake Native
  • And when we are finished, we can publish it to Snowflake. We can publish it as a view or as a table. We are automatically writing the SQL for you with a view so that external dashboarding tools can consume that view.
  • The SQL is in Snowflake, so any scaling issues are covered.
  • We can also publish it as a table. We run the SQL and materialize the results of the query. And we can schedule this to refresh this at various intervals.

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