Working with JSON in Snowflake

With Datameer, it’s easy to understand your JSON objects and extract the data you need.


Get the data you need to answer your questions

Quickly work with tables that contain JSON data without needing an engineer’s understanding.

Working with JSON in Snowflake

Any JSON Source

Hubspot, Marketo, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Mixpanel

JSON structuring

Understand, extract, flatten your JSON objects


Ad-hoc Reporting

Answer data questions without the help of a data engineer

From JSON → To Snowflake Insights

Working with JSON in Snowflake

Dig Into JSON Data

Understand the JSON structure by expanding the content of a cell

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Form Snowflake Insights

Quickly extract what you need from Snowflake data to answer your burning business questions.

Working with JSON in Snowflake Made Easy

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