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As if managing data of increasing size weren’t hard enough, organizations are challenged to monitor business processes, assemble complete views of customers, and weave a cohesive analysis of corporate performance based on hybrid data strewn across the traditional enterprise and multiple clouds.

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About this Report


Benefits and Barriers for Cloud Data Management

To test whether cloud data management (CDM )is worth the effort, this report’s survey asked: Is CDM a problem or an opportunity?

The State of Cloud Data Management

To gauge the urgency of cloud data management (CDM), this report’s survey asked respondents to rank the importance of CDM relative to their organization’s data strategy.


Organizational Matters

CDM's scope can be as narrow as a few simple data integration jobs that move data from SaaS apps to a data warehouse. Alternately, it can be an extensive infrastructure.

CDM Best Practices

The list of tools and platforms involved in cloud data management continues to evolve as users adjust their software portfolios, usually to include more cloud-based systems.