Analytics Data Management in the Cloud book cover

Analytics Data Management in the Cloud

There are many tools on the market that help with pieces of an analytics architecture, including cloud providers. Let’s sort through those options and explore ways to simplify your architecture to make it more agile and deliver analytics faster and easier.

Ebook Background

About The Book

Why the Cloud?

Let’s explore the many benefits of using the cloud for analytics and how it can help modernize your architecture.

Components in a Cloud Analytics Architecture

See some of the many components and options in cloud data and analytics architecture and how this can lead to unwanted complexity.

Why Buying is Better than Building

We’ll explain why buying commercial products covering a range of functionality in the analytics stack is better than stitching together multiple micro-tools.

How Datameer Spectrum Helps

Learn how Datameer Spectrum can fit into your cloud data and analytics architecture to streamline the process of migrating workloads to the cloud.