Essential Guide to Cloud Migration

An Essential Guide to Cloud Migration

As if managing data of increasing size weren’t hard enough, organizations are now challenged to monitor business processes, assemble complete views of customers, and weave a cohesive analysis of corporate performance based on hybrid data that are strewn across the traditional enterprise and multiple clouds.

Ebook Background

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Cloud Migration Benefits

Scalability and performance. Cost savings. Agility and flexibility.

DataOps Process: Drivers and Objectives of DataOps

Cloud Migration Challenges

Data gravity. Migrating Applications. Continuing Operations during migration. Testing.

Datameer Spectrum

An agile data fabric enables you to build scalable, secure data pipelines to migrate analytics workloads to the cloud.

Datameer Spectrum for Cloud Migration

Connectivity. ETL vs. ELT. Data Curation and Transformation. Governance, metadata, lineage. Security. Migrating Applications.