Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration Take the Risk Out of Migrating Data
and Analytics to the Cloud

Datameer preserves your analytics investments and takes the risk out of cloud migration with an agile, incremental approach to migrating analytics to the cloud and enterprise-grade governance and security.

Use Cases

Datameer Spectrum: Cloud Migration

Bursting Data Lake Analytics In the Cloud

Need extra analytic compute resource at times? Use Datameer to burst workloads in the cloud for elastic and secure execution to optimize cost and performance.

Cloud Migration - Data Lakes & Hive To Cloud Data Warehouses

Data Lakes & Hive To Cloud Data Warehouses

Are you looking to take advantage of cloud data warehouses? Datameer can seamlessly curate and pipeline your data lakes to feed analytics-ready data into any Cloud Data Warehouse (CDW) with speed, scale, and high security.

Cloud Migration - Data Lakes To Cloud Data Lakes

Data Lakes To Cloud Data Lakes

Are you transitioning your data lake to the cloud? Datameer enables seamless pipelines to the cloud while ensuring the same security and governance degree as you’d expect on-premises.

Key Capabilities

Datameer delivers all the key enterprise-grade capabilities you’d expect to migrate your analytics to the cloud without risk.

Datameer Spectrum - schedule icon

Agile, Code-free Creation of Data Pipelines

Datameer’s integration with a vast number of data sources and spreadsheet-style interface with over 300 powerful functions make it easy to create even the most sophisticated data pipelines without one line of code.

Datameer: Cloud Migration - Scalable, Elastic Operationalization

Scalable, Elastic Operationalization

Datameer’s operationalization features make it easy to deploy, manage, and execute data pipelines on an elastic cloud-native Kubernetes and Spark architecture that auto-optimizes performance and compute costs.

Cloud Migration - Enterprise-grade Security and Governance

Enterprise-grade Security and Governance

Datameer is used to execute some of the most security-conscious data pipelines at large banks, telecom carriers, and insurers, so it has the features to keep your big data pipelines secure and well-governed.

Key Outcomes

Datameer: Eliminate security and governance risks

Eliminate security and governance risks when migrating analytics workloads to the cloud.

Faster data and analytics

Faster data and analytics cloud migration projects with Datameer’s agile, iterative approach.

A flexible, cloud-native data architecture

A flexible, cloud-native data architecture that scales when you need it and optimizes compute costs.