Schedule and Email Reports from Snowflake

No more CSV downloads/uploads and other workarounds just to share Snowflake data. It’s as easy as selecting your Snowflake report in Datameer and clicking schedule and send.

See It in Action

Watch the video below to see how quickly you can get this solution up and running in Datameer.

Additional Ways to Share Your Insights

Easily share data while performing ad-hoc exploration and modeling

Share Snowflake Insights

Schedule and deploy your data directly in Snowflake for downstream reporting


Exception Reporting

Share ad-hoc reports for month-end close, weekly sales activities, data quality issues...

Suite of Sharing Options

Google Sheets, Slack alerts, Zapier, URL, and much more

From Snowflake → To Email

Snowflake Native icon

Create Snowflake Report

Create a report in Datameer using your Snowflake data sets.

Schedule and Email Reports from Snowflake

Within Datameer click send to share your results.

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