Data Preparation & Pipelines for Data Science using Datameer book cover

Data Preparation & Pipelines for Data Science using Datameer

Learn how you can use advanced data preparation and exploration to explore your data to determine fit, rapidly shape your data for AI and ML engines, and deploy data pipelines to create a cooperative workflow with AI and ML tools.

Ebook Background

About The Book

The Gaps in Today’s Workflow

Using disjointed tools for various data science tasks can slow down the analytics cycle and create extra tasks.


Creating a Cooperative Workflow

See how data preparation and exploration and data science modeling and execution can be combined into a more agile data science workflow.


The Role of Data Exploration

See how large-scale data exploration enables your data science teams to find the right data for the task at hand and create more accurate models.

A Real-World Example

Walkthrough a real-world example of a cooperative data science workflow using Datameer for data preparation, exploration, and pipelines, and SparkML for data science.