Your Solution for Trusted Analytics Environments on Google Cloud Platform

With Datameer and Google Cloud Platform, analytic teams are completely self-reliant. Teams discover data, analyze it in minutes, and invest their time in what they do best – on the data-driven decisions that advance your business.

Datameer is your tool for building end-to-end, self-reliant, code-free data pipelines. Datameer offers advanced data curation and exploration capabilities in a spreadsheet-style interface between ingest and landing data at the destination. Datameer’s enterprise-grade capabilities satisfy the most demanding requirements in scale, security, and governance. Data architects and business users alike love the intuitive, web-based, visual data modeling experience.

Simplify Your GCP Pipelines with Robust, Code-Free ETL

Datameer: Eliminate security and governance risks

Schedule and execute data pipelines to GCP at scale

Datameer's powerful engine and wizard-driven UI provides the flexibility to curate, query, and manage data within GCP. Create, manage, and operationalize end-to-end hybrid data pipelines.


Leverage compute resources by bursting analytics workloads to GCP

Datameer fully integrates with on-prem environments and GCP to securely scale workload execution. Selectively burst analytics workloads in GCP for elastic and secure execution to optimize costs and performance.

A flexible, cloud-native data architecture

Models and connectors for robust data curation and transformation

Access over 300 modeling functions in a user-friendly, web-based interface with a modern cloud-native architecture orchestrated by Kubernetes. Lift and shift using a vast selection of over 70 connectors to all your on-prem sources and native connectors to CloudStorage and BigQuery.

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Full lineage integrity for secure cloud pipelines

Datameer has all the governance tools needed to complete seamless data pipelines to GCP. Column metrics and profiles validate data integrity - with additional metadata available via REST APIs - all ensuring data quality and secure, governed data pipelines to GCP.

Datameer is the cloud-native, unified access layer that professionals use to explore and discover data assets across the enterprise and in the cloud. Optimize your data landscape for self-service analytics and exceptional query performance—across clouds and on-premises. With Datameer, analysts complete projects 20x faster with quick access to more resources in GCP.

Complex Data to Trusted Insights

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Solve complex analytics challenges

Datameer Spotlight is the gateway to finding and collaborating on enterprise analytics assets. Leverage past analyses, find, access, and prep any dataset on the fly. Connect and combine all your tables in GCP into a single live model that can be shared, accessed, queried, and reused by all users—all while maintaining best-in-class security and governance.


A powerful query engine at your fingertips

Say goodbye to loading enterprise data into a data warehouse. Datameer Spotlight optimizes query performance by giving you a choice between push-down queries to the source system or let them run against an optimized internal cache. Datameer Spotlight’s access layer connects to and queries all of your data sources—no matter where they live.

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Eliminate time-consuming tasks

Start an analytics project using Datameer Spotlight’s AI-assisted search to find any prior analysis, documents, reports, dashboards, or datasets relevant to the analysis at hand. Use caches with all your data that cannot be migrated to GCP. Open any asset in Looker and deliver fast analytics results.

Analytics Leader

Share knowledge and build trust

Datameer Spotlight is the analytics hub that ties all your teams and data domains together. Professionals build a community-sourced knowledge-base. Datameer Spotlight shows analysts which data assets are trustworthy and who they should seek insights from to solve business problems. Businesses generate and retain knowledge around data assets to get the most out of complex data landscapes.

Use Cases

Google Cloud Pipelines Made Easy

Virtualize your complex data landscape, discover new ways to use data, and develop blueprints in Datameer. Then, securely pipeline data to GCP with Datameer’s reliable, feature-rich, code-free, and self-reliant data curation tools.

Highly Trusted Enterprise Analytics

Harness the elasticity of Google Cloud Platform by using Datameer’s advanced data pipelines with Datameer’s collaborative data models. Confidently power new analytics across data sources and operationalize complex dashboards in Looker – or any popular BI tool.

Cloud Machine Learning For Sensitive Data

Enterprises discover and explore their sensitive data on-prem with Datameer and burst masked data and machine learning or ELT jobs to GCP.

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