Simplify and Accelerate Your Data Transformation for Tableau.

Organizations that use Tableau rely on Datameer’s self-service data transformation solutions to turn their complex, raw data into analytics-ready datasets faster and without risk.

Transform your data directly in your Snowflake cloud data warehouse while keeping it safely and securely in place.  Let your analytics team transform data themselves.  No data engineering is required.

Datameer SaaS data transformation solution is the industry’s first collaborative, multi-persona data transformation platform integrated into Snowflake.  The multi-persona UI, with no-code, low-code, and code (SQL) tools, brings together your entire team – data engineers, analytics engineers, analysts, and data scientists – on a single platform to collaboratively transform and model data.  Catalog-like data documentation and knowledge sharing facilitate trust in the data and crowd-sourced data governance.  Direct integration into Snowflake keeps data secure and lowers costs by leveraging Snowflake’s scalable compute and storage.

Transform Your Raw Data into Valuable Data for Tableau

For the Whole Team

Datameer brings together your entire data engineering and analytics teams (not just Tableau users) in a single data modeling and transformation environment for sharing and collaboration.

Informatica alternative - etl and elt workflow

Enrich data to make it more valuable

Combine and enrich raw data datasets to add even more flavor and detail to your analysis using our no-code data blending and diverse array of graphical formulas and functions.

Informatica alternative - dictionary

Easy to use

Datameer offers a highly interactive user experience, wizard-driven formulas and functions, suggestions, and rich data documentation to make it easy to model and transform your data.


Data models and SQL are optimized for Snowflake and uses Snowflake’s elastic compute and storage for blazing fast performance.

Create Snowflake Datasets Fast