Access over 200 new data sources without a data warehouse using Tableau.

Organizations that use Tableau rely on Datameer’s self-reliant solutions for access, governance, and collaboration – to make sense of a complex data landscape faster and without risk.

Access data for your Tableau dashboards that you never could before, including Facebook Ads, Workday, Twitter Ads, Hubspot, Shopify, Dynamics, SAP Concur, and so much more. No data warehouse necessary.  No data engineering is required.

Datameer Spotlight gives organizations fast access and deep visibility into all enterprise data assets—whether in the cloud or on-premises—via a single unified, self-service platform. With Spotlight, you will discover, share, collaborate, and analyze all of your corporate-trusted data to answer questions up to 20 times faster while bridging data silos without any duplication and IT assistance.

Discover Your Most Valuable Data for Tableau and Easily Collaborate

Analytics Leader

Solve complex and ad-hoc analytics challenges

Datameer Spotlight is the gateway to finding and collaborating on enterprise analytics assets. Leverage past analyses, find, access, and curate any dataset on the fly. Connect and combine all your tables, on-prem or in the cloud, into a single live model that can be shared, accessed, queried, and reused by all users—all while maintaining best-in-class security and governance.

Analytics Leader

Eliminate time-consuming tasks

Start an analytics project using Datameer Spotlight’s AI-assisted search to find any prior analysis, documents, reports, dashboards, or datasets relevant to the analysis at hand. Use caches with all your on-prem data that cannot be migrated to the cloud. Open any asset in Tableau and deliver fast analytics results.


Discover analytics assets in every form

With over 200 data sources, Spotlight opens your Tableau visualizations to a world of data. With Spotlight, teams across functions will access data in Tableau that was never possible before. With Spotlight, teams harness data from Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, Hubspot CRM, ADP, Workday, SAP Concur, Stripe, Shopify, and so many more data sources that are never available natively in Tableau.

Analytics Leader

Share and reuse assets from anywhere

With Datameer Spotlight, enterprise data doesn’t need to be loaded centrally into a data warehouse. With one click in Datameer Spotlight, teams can start visualizing their data in Tableau – wherever their data resides.

Use Cases

Analytics Practitioner

Replace Your Data Warehouse...With Nothing

Spotlight brings all your data sources together without the need for a data warehouse and data engineering.

With Spotlight’s collaborative data models, robust elastic compute engine, and unified access layer, teams, confidently power new analytics across data sources and operationalize complex dashboards in Tableau. You’ll avoid the headaches, time lag, and costs of dealing with yet another data warehouse.

Analytics Without Limits

Datameer Spotlight is your stage to model, analyze, and curate all your data. Teams use Spotlight for easy discovery, data exploration, and last-mile, self-reliant data curation for analytics problems.

And with Spotlight’s 200 connectors, you’ll have real-time access to data sources like Facebook, Workday, Hubspot, Shopify, and so much more. With Spotlight, your analytics has no limits. You’ll develop not only robust visualizations but also amazing insights from previously hard-to-reach data sources.

With Spotlight, your Tableau dashboards will shine.

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