Upload CSV to Snowflake

With Datameer, it’s as easy as dragging and dropping your file from your desktop directly into Snowflake.

A simple solution to getting your data into Snowflake

Stop fighting with CREATE TABLE statements and other complex command line options just to import a CSV document into Snowflake.

Any CSV File

Bring your google sheet, excel, text editor and more


Simple UI

No SQL, just drag and drop your files into Datameer's Snowflake interface

Snowflake Native icon

Access to Snowflake

Your loaded data will be immediately available in Snowflake

From CSV → To Snowflake

Local CSV File

Prepare your Excel, Google Sheet, and other CSV files like normal.

    Upload to Snowflake

    Drop your CSV file into Datameer, which is connected to Snowflake.

    Have a CSV you want to upload?