Add Datameer's Slack integration now!

Stay informed about team and pipeline activities with integrated notifications from Datameer Cloud. Collaborate with colleagues on data problems, share query results and debug issues without leaving Slack.

Add Datameer's Slack integration

Want to know how it works?

Datameer’s Slack integration is incredibly easy to set up and use. Simply add Datameer to your Slack workspace and start collaborating with your team in real-time. Whether you’re a data analyst, data scientist, or part of a data-driven team, Datameer + Slack can help you take your data workflows to the next level.

How it works - Add to Slack Integration

Connect Datameer with our Slack Integration

  1. Log in to Datameer.
  2. Go to the admin page and click the ‘Add to Slack’ button.
  3. Allow requested permission to access your company’s Slack workspace.
Slack Integration

Configure Project Notifications

  1. Go to the Project ‘Settings’.
  2. Select or create a new Slack channel.
  3. Get notified about the latest project activities.
Slack Integration

Always up to Date

  1. Go to Slack.
  2. Join the created channel.
  3. Stay up-to-date and start to collaborate.

Voilà! You'll get Datameer schedule notifications.

Help your team work better together and manage information more easily to improve your team’s decision-making processes with the Datameer Slack integration.

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