Best Practices for Creating an Optimal Data Lake

Best Practices for Creating an Optimal Data Lake

Big data can only get bigger. Data lakes help you manage data in all forms, shapes and sizes. But how do you get more value from all this data?

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Data Lake Adoption and Role, Transitioning to the Data Reservoir

Curated, Purposeful, Consumable.


Three Key Practices to Optimize Your Data Lake, Democratize By Curating and Governing Datasets

Adding context adds value, Data governance isn’t single-threaded, Data curation is more than preparation.

Deliver Strong Security and Governance Without Strangling

Role-based Security, Enterprise Security Integration, Encryption and Obfuscation, Usage and Behavior Auditing, Data Retention Policies, Full Lineage, Enterprise Governance Integration.

Facilitate Consumption from the Data Lake

The Data Lake User Personas, Drinking from Your Data Lake, Method, Pros & Cons.