Vaule of Big Data Customer Analytics

Defining the Value of Big Data Customer Analytics

Customer analytics, driven by big data, can transform the buyer-seller relationship. It’s not simply about gaining deeper insights about customers but using that data to drive more effective personalized marketing, increasing sales productivity, and retaining customers for a higher lifetime value.

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The Impact of Customer Analytics

Marketing. Sales. Services. Operations.


Big Data Customer Analytics, Powered by Modern BI Platforms

Answer new questions. Deliver more results. Put your insights to work.

Business Value Drivers of Customer Analytics

What Questions Do I Need to Ask My Company? Use Case Questions. Potential Barrier Questions.

Steps to Produce and Operationalize Customer Analytics Using Big Data

Use Case Discovery. Proof of Value. Identify the Business Plan. Gather the Data. Produce Analytics. Show the Results to the Business. Operationalize the Process and Results. Continuously Improve. Repeat.

Building Your Value Calculations

The business value calculations are one of the most important measurements you can compile for your customer analytics use cases.

Case Studies

Optimizing Customer Acquisition. Reducing Customer Churn to Retain Revenue. Increasing the Lifetime Value of Customers.