Webinar Successful Approaches to Cloud Analytics

Join us in a discussion with Andrew Brust. He advises customers on analytics strategies, writes about Big Data for ZDNet and GigaOm, co-chairs a series of developer conferences the Visual Studio Live!, and is an influencer in the Microsoft ecosystem, recognized as both a Microsoft Regional Director and Data Platform MVP.

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  • Andrew-Burst

    Andrew Brust

    Founder and CEO, Blue Badge Insights

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The old world approaches modern cloud analytics won’t cut it. Gone are lengthy structured processes, ETL, and complex rigid schemas. In are agility, self-service, and ad-hoc discovery. And with the market for cloud analytics skyrocketing to $37.8 billion by 2023, many people are faced with the challenge of implementing new cloud-based approaches.

In this webinar you’ll learn

  • Why is the cloud so different for analytics?
  • How have the tools and platforms changed in the cloud?
  • What does it take to bring together a cloud-based analytics solution?
  • What are the most successful approaches to cloud analytics?


  • Andrew-Burst
    Andrew Brust

    Founder and CEO, Blue Badge Insights

  • John Morrell
    John Morrell

    Senior Director, Product Marketing, Datameer