Evolving Your Regulatory Compliance

Evolving Your Regulatory Compliance

The right tools can enable a company to move quickly from regulatory compliance success to strategic data excellence in months. Datameer has helped enterprises around the world scale their regulatory data operationalization efforts to do just that.

Ebook Background

About the White Paper

The Ever Evolving Regulatory Environment

Tug of War Between Banks and Regulators, The Next Era of Regulations, The Only Constant is Change… and Cost.


The Evolving Regulatory Compliance Architecture

Version 1 Architecture: ~2010 to ~2013, Version 2 Architecture: ~2013 to ~2017, Initial Regulatory Solutions Created Stress Points, Continuing Trends, New Investment in Data Management.

Implementing a Compliance Architecture

Evolving the Architecture, Keys to Better Regulatory Compliance Architecture, A Version 3.0 Architecture, The Results of Version 3 Architecture

Meeting Critical Requirements

Offensive vs. Defensive Data Strategies, Benefits of Offensive and Defensive Data Strategies, Analytic Data Management for Compliance Architecture, Core Data Pipelines.

Full Data Lifecycle Platform

Functional Capabilities, Critical Control Capabilities, Complete (End-to-end) business data platform, Scalable & Secure Enterprise-grade platform, Intuitive, Business-ready Interface and Easy Discovery & Exploration

Customer Case Study

Business Challenges, Technical Challenges, Solution, Results, and Conclusion