Datameer for Microsoft Azure

Datameer’s cloud-native solutions for Microsoft Azure deliver the ultimate combination of power, reliability, and agility.

Deploy, embed, and scale Azure pipelines with reduced management and cost with Datameer

Datameer is designed to handle the scale, volume, and complexity of heavy-duty enterprise workloads in Azure.

Datameer is fully architected for Microsoft Azure and instantaneously provisioned. There’s no need to wait for IT to spin up any specialized hardware or software. It’s the simplest and fastest way to fuel new hybrid cloud analytics initiatives with richer data pipelines.

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Deep Azure integration

Datameer for Azure delivers a seamless, optimized cloud experience. Datameer integrates with Azure Blob object storage, and HDInsight for unlimited compute and storage resources. It also provides integrated security and management for governance that satisfies the most demanding requirements.

A flexible, cloud-native data architecture

Powerful architecture coupled with spreadsheet simplicity

Datameer's architecture discovers your schema on-the-fly, allowing for rapid integration of new data sets. Easy spreadsheet-style transformations—packed with over 300 functions—put your most valuable data in the hands of analysts without having to write any code.

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Elasticity to meet any business requirement

Datameer for Azure lets you scale to your business requirements as needed, with all the enterprise-class features you need from a cloud data pipeline platform—like compliance and data security.

Accelerate trusted analytics with Datameer's intuitive, self-reliant UI

Datameer is a cloud-first solution that provides analytics teams with easy access to enterprise data and analytics assets—regardless of data type or location.

Faster data and analytics

Streamline your analytics workflows

Datameer provides the enrichment and modeling capabilities you need to get the most out of your data. Unlock trusted data sources and perform last-mile data engineering. Unify data and objects across disparate landscapes—without any code—to create invaluable assets; you need to answer pressing business questions.

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Avoid the risk of data movement and build trust in your analyses

Analysts and Data Scientists work with the same Azure data in real-time. With Datameer, you can explore and model data sets without the risk of moving data around. You can also reuse data assets for the agile delivery of analytics.

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Discover and use all your disparate data with ease

Datameer enables you to discover and enrich Azure data with all your other data. As you discover data in Azure, Datameer's AI functions suggest the best ways to harness it.

Use Cases

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Extend the Value of Azure

With Datameer, businesses finally capture the full advantages of cloud data warehouses like Azure. Virtualize your complex data landscape and develop blueprints in Datameer. With Datameer, users create secure, governed, and scalable data pipelines and DataOps from those blueprints – for analytics workloads in Azure with reduced engineering and cloud infrastructure costs.

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Hybrid Enterprise Analytics

Harness the elasticity of Azure by using Datameer’s advanced data pipelines and collaborative data models. Confidently power new hybrid analytics across data sources and operationalize complex dashboards in PowerBI – or any popular BI tool.

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