Webinar How to Use Snowflake for Agile Analytics

Getting your data into Snowflake is the crucial first step to becoming a modern, cloud-based organization. By using agile analytics and data virtualization, your Snowflake projects are faster, more cost-effective, and less risky. This short webinar will discuss the core pillars that will make your Snowflake analytics projects truly agile.

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How to Use Snowflake for Agile Analytics
  • Adam Wealand

    Adam Wealand

    Senior Product Marketing Manager, Datameer

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Organizations with complex data landscapes use Spotlight with Snowflake to achieve data insights 20 times faster across the enterprise for blazing-fast analytics and data science.

Spotlight allows analysts at any skill level to rapidly combine and use Snowflake data with other sources to quickly and easily deliver new analytics. Your team will make best use of your Snowflake resources and migrate new workloads into Snowflake for greater ROI.

In this webinar you’ll learn

  • End user ad hoc access to Snowflake 
  • Leverage Snowflake for compute
  • Data combining
  • Fast time to insight answering real world business questions live


  • Adam Wealand
    Adam Wealand

    Senior Product, Marketing Manager, Datameer

  • Steve_Egan
    Steve Egan

    Senior Director, Solutions Engineering, Datameer