Ten Things to Consider When Modernizing Your ETL

There are many different aspects and capabilities of a data pipeline platform, and it is essential to take a hard look at each platform. We have outlined several key areas you should explore here, providing a framework to vet your data pipeline platforms and tools under consideration.

Ebook Background

About the Ebook

What is a Data Pipeline Platform?

Explore the various definitions of data pipelines and see which ones suit you best.

Types of Data Pipeline Platforms

Examine the different types of data pipeline platforms, including traditional ETL tools, ones from your cloud vendor, new cloud data integration tools, and modern Data Pipeline Platforms.


Key Features & Capabilities

Take a look at ten key capabilities data pipeline platforms and tools should embrace and determine the value they can bring to your organization as you modernize your analytics.


Datameer Spectrum

See how Datameer Spectrum fulfills these ten critical requirements for modern data pipeline platforms with its' award-winning user experience and patented DataOps automation.