Sigma Computing and Datameer

A self-service data modeling & exploration duo, delivering fast ad-hoc analytics

Datameer: No-code Snowflake transformation
Sigma Computing: Scalable spreadsheet-style data analysis


Data Transformation

Use Datameer’s SaaS data transformation platform to allow anyone in your organization to easily model and transform data directly in Snowflake.

Data Analysis

Use Sigma Computing’s easy to use spreadsheet-style data exploration and analysis services to explore and analyze data at scale in Snowflake.

ultra fast

Fast Ad-hoc Analytics

Datameer + Sigma facilitates self-service data modeling, exploration, and analysis to facilitate faster answers to new business questions.

Datameer + Sigma Computing = Benefits to Your Analytics

green-check Self-service data modeling and transformation for data analysts which reduces the number of data engineering requests and speeds time to insight,

green-check The ability to manage all your data in one place – Snowflake – for greater data security and highly scalable analytics over large data volumes,

green-check Efficiently using your Snowflake analytics engine for cost-effective data transformation, processing, and analysis,

green-check Improve data literacy and foster data curiosity to expand knowledge and have greater use of your data.

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