Getting GDPR Compliant with Your BigData Analytics

With a great deal of personal data being used in big data analytics, it’s essential you choose a platform that provides the deepest functionality to ensure you are GDPR compliant, while still lowering the administrative burn needed to manage compliance processes. Datameer fits the bill.


About the Ebook

What is GDPR?

Individuals will have greater control of who has their data and how it will be used; Organizations must report on data breaches within 72 hours; Organizations will be bound by more stringent rules for obtaining consent from individuals on how their data can be used.


The Threat

Nearly one million malware threats were released every day in 2014; The estimated cost of cyber-crime is up to one billion dollars; 99 percent of computers are vulnerable to cyber attack.

GDPR Complexities, GDPR Success Factors & Governing Analytics for GDPR Compliance

Single and Multiple Points of Failure; Right to be Forgotten.

Four Key Aspects of GDPR Governance

Discover; Secure and Govern; Monitor and Manage; Comply.