Evolving Your Analytics

Evolving Your Analytics with Big Data

Big data analytics allow you to evolve your analytics by answering the next level of detail – how, why, when, and where it happened. This enables you to answer a new generation of questions to become an agile business and allows the BI and analytics team to deliver more insights to your organization.

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DataOps Process: Drivers and Objectives of DataOps

Evolving Your Analytics with Big Data

Why? How? When? Where? What happened?


How Does One Perform Big Data Analysis?

On-the-fly modeling. Virtual columns. Powerful, Easy to Apply Analytic Functions.

Types of Analysis for Big Data

Text Analytics. Time-Series. Clustering. Relationship Analytics. Path and Graph Analytics. Recommendations.

Next Steps

Rather than answer what happened, as traditional analytics do, big data analytics answer the how and why and dig deeper into when and where.