BI Platforms

BI platforms like Tableau, Qlik, Looker, and Microsoft Power BI introduce agility to analytics by providing user-friendly tools for generating and sharing clear data visualizations, with their own respective ecosystems, aimed at scaling and sharing insights within organizations from diverse data sources.

BI Platforms Defined

How BI Platforms Are Utilized

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BI tools are typically used by data analysts within their respective business units; these are professionals providing analytical solutions to improve business performance. Stated another way, these professionals see data as a means to an answer.

BI platforms are used by companies to retrieve, analyze, & transform data into useful business insights. As mentioned earlier, common usage examples of BI tools include creating data visualizations, business dashboards, and periodical reporting. Technical features within a tool can facilitate this by automatically applying best practices in visual perception, presenting findings in a story-like sequence, and combining rich formatting and infographics. The tools typically pull from internal data that business produces.

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Double-Edged Data

Along with their additional agility, users of BI platforms tend to improve upon their data literacy. Data storytelling requires a more data-literate workforce to be able to present data in a way that offers insights faster and leads to desirable business actions. Since BI platforms make users more agile, they have greater access to data through new analytics projects.

This can also present a challenge. As data literacy improves, the questions that both BI platform users and their leadership ask are more sophisticated. Analytics projects are harnessing multiple data sources and menu-driven advanced analytics. This puts users in new territory where data sources are not only becoming non-relational but also forcing business analytics teams to decide where to best store and model all these data. The latter, concerning architecture and governance is something business users prefer to avoid and where the current capabilities in BI platforms fall short.

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Why Datameer Makes BI Platforms Even Better

Datameer makes it easy for data analysts to find the right asset, trust it, build on it and collaborate with it. That covers any type of data, insights and algorithms, with full context and transparency, while continuing to ensure data governance. Not only does Datameer make BI platforms faster and more accessible, but Datameer also lets a data analyst use their BI platform of choice so there is no need to retrain analysts on a new tool and they are not constrained to one ecosystem.

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How Datameer Makes BI Platforms Better

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Datameer is your analytics hub for any BI platform.

  1. Datameer provides a single portal to discover, access and share knowledge of assets used to produce analytics in BI tools.
  2. Datameer focuses on delivering the right data assets, in the optimal way to BI platforms, while the tools focus on producing the analytics.
  3. None of us is as smart as all of us; Datameer builds trust in the analytics assets though a community of experts. Users tag, publish, share, and message each other in real time. Your team’s knowledge of and history on analytics assets is easily accessible. Having that community building sound assets, in turn, produces greater trust in the analytics produced by the BI platforms.

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