Telecom Service Customer Experience

Telecom Service Customer Experience

Big data analytics combines and analyzes data related to customer interactions, innovation, service execution, and network performance, providing a 360-degree service experience view. This process allows winning CSPs to retain and grow their customer base, increase service utilization, and raise customer lifetime value (LTV).

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With more choices for customers than ever, meager switching costs, and ubiquitous internet access to new services, the communications industry is enduring rapid change and increasing competition. Leading Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are winning in the market by providing a superior service experience that covers every aspect of:

• Customer interactions

• Innovation

• Service execution

• Network performance

Big data analytics combines and analyzes data related to those aspects, providing a 360-degree service experience view. This allows winning CSPs to retain and grow their customer base, increase service utilization and raise customer lifetime value (LTV).

Telecom Landscape

Increasing competition and continuous disruption.

DataOps Process: Data Platform Capabilities

Analytic Challenges

Data diversity. Data volume. Identifying new insights. Sophisticated analytics.

DataOps Process: Drivers and Objectives of DataOps


Myriad of benefits to the service experience analytics process.

Datameer in Action

Experience-Based Network Capacity Planning, Forecasting Capacity, and Demand for New Service Rollout, Reducing Customer Churn Through Better Experience.


Service experience business challenges depend upon the overall business nature. The Treacy and Wiersema value discipline model2 defines three ways in which businesses compete:

  • Operational excellence companies use superior business processes to deliver the best price through streamlined execution.

  • Product innovation companies focus on identifying and providing innovative products and services that can carry a premium price.

  • Customer intimacy companies know their customers cold and use superior customer service and timely offers to build a lasting, profitable relationship.


Datameer’s self-service modern BI platform allows your organization to dig deeper into the service experience with three important benefits:

  • Answer new digital-age questions to optimize service experience – Datameer helps you integrate and use more data, whether structured or unstructured and makes it easy to apply advanced analytics to find undiscovered patterns and trends. Through this, Datameer allows your team to answer deeper diagnostic questions that lead to highly actionable service experience insights.

  • Provide an agile analytic discovery process that identifies new insights from big data – Service experience analytics covers multiple aspects of the impact that experience has on customers, networks, and service strategies. Datameer offers a rapid, agile discovery platform that dramatically increases the productivity of your business analysts so they can discover insights and deliver results to the business.

  • Easily put new insights into the business operations – Insights aren’t valuable to the operations unless they reach the business teams that need them regularly. Datameer makes it easy to operationalize your analytics, execute them regularly, deliver results to the business teams and continuously improve the processes.

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