Telecom Service Customer Experience

Telecom Service Customer Experience

Big data analytics combines and analyzes data related to customer interactions, innovation, service execution, and network performance, providing a 360-degree service experience view. This process allows winning CSPs to retain and grow their customer base, increase service utilization, and raise customer lifetime value (LTV).

Ebook Background

About the White Paper

The Changing Telecom Landscape & Business Challenges

The change of the telecommunications industry. Emboldened Over-the-Top content and service providers and traditional operators. Operational excellence companies. Product innovation companies. Customer intimacy companies.

DataOps Process: Data Platform Capabilities

Analytic Challenges & Solution

Data diversity. Data volume. Identifying new insights. Sophisticated analytics.

DataOps Process: Drivers and Objectives of DataOps

Datameer’s Approach

Answer new digital-age questions to optimize the service experience. Provide an agile analytic discovery process that identifies new insights from big data. Easily put new insights to work in the business operations.

Datameer in Action

Experience-Based Network Capacity Planning, Forecasting Capacity, and Demand for New Service Rollout, Reducing Customer Churn Through Better Experience.