Webinar Increasing Analytics Teams Productivity

Join Bob Page, Datameer Spotlight Chief Product Officer, and Steve Egan, our Data & Analytics Solutions Engineer, on how to empower your analytics team to discover, and find any data in the enterprise, collaborate, and perform ad-hoc analytics with any BI or data science tool.

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Increasing Analytics Teams Productivity
  • Bob Page

    Bob Page

    Chief Product Officer, Datameer

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Discover how you can get access to all of your data assets no matter where it resides, whether it is on-premise, in the cloud, in SaaS applications, or with external service providers. Spotlight is an easy-to-use Virtual Analytics Hub, enabling analytics teams to find, create, collaborate, and publish trusted analytics assets in complex hybrid landscapes. 

In this webinar you’ll learn

  • Enable analysts to find answers without the need for IT to fine-tune the operations continuously
  • Data Collaboration
  • Searching for and reusing assets
  • Data combining
  • Virtual access to data sources
  • Fast time to insight answering real-world business questions live


  • Bob Page
    Bob Page

    Chief Product Officer, Datameer

  • Steve_Egan
    Steve Egan

    Senior Director, Solutions Engineering, Datameer