Stitch Data and Datameer

A highly efficient and cost-effective duo for your modern Snowflake data stack

Stitch Data provides the EL and Datameer provides the T


Source Data Loading

Use Stitch Data’s easy to use, reliable platform to replicate and synchronize data into your Snowflake cloud data warehouse.

Data Transformation

Use Datameer’s SaaS data transformation platform to allow anyone in your organization to easily transform data directly in Snowflake.

Informatica Security & Governance

⬆️ Analytics Adoption

Load and transform more data to execute analytics projects faster and deliver trusted data to drive greater adoption of Snowflake-based analytics.

Datameer + Stitch Data = Benefits to Your Analytics

green-check Create a highly efficient data stack that reduces your data and analytics engineering costs,

green-check Foster collaboration among the data and analytics team to produce faster, error-free projects,

green-check Efficiently use your Snowflake analytics engine for cost-effective data pipeline and transformation processing,

green-check Improve data literacy and increase trust in your analytics data for more effective analytics.

Stitch Data and Datameer

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