Analytics Agility through Self-Service Data Enablement

Radiant Advisors, a leading industry advisory firm, advises their clients on approaches to gain greater analytics agility by empowering business teams with data enablement. Radiant evaluated Datameer Spotlight and found it to be a "compelling solution designed to simplify the business user experience" and "a cornerstone of an enterprise data and analytics architecture."

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About this Analyst Report

Organizational Challenges with Data

Examine the challenges organizations have in getting value from their data.

Keys to Successful Analytics

Learn about the key factors that determine the success of data analytics programs.


The Modern Analytics Lifecycle

Explore Radiant's modern analytics lifecycle and how it can accelerate analytics.

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The Role of Datameer Spotlight

See how Radiant Advisors evaluated Spotlight and the critical role it can play in data enablement within the modern analytics lifecyle.