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Big Data Analytics for Gaming

Every gaming company knows the secret to increasing revenue and beating the competition is through greater engagement of players. Every click and player interaction creates incredibly valuable data in game logs that, if aggregated and analyzed, holds the answer to keeping players engaged and coming back for more. Adding web, social media and player data further deepens player profiles for delivering personalized experiences.

  • Marko Maunula
  • Product Owner, BI
  • Paf

"Previously, we had problems combining unstructured data with our relational data. We basically just monitored data coming from our gaming site. Now with Datameer, we can take our web access logs, which has our web traffic, and then see which landing pages and referrals gives us the most valuable customers and most registrations."

Acquire More Customers and Lower Churn

Combining demographic information about your users with the behavior of how they’re playing games helps you understand preferences to increase customer conversion and enhance the user experience to increase time playing and retention. Which users are your VIPs? Use the data to profile them, and treat them differently to keep them happy.

Optimize the Experience to Drive Revenue

Converting more users to pay to play requires being able to combine and analyze player data to better understand what drives each of those gamer segments to play longer. Then it’s a matter of testing and analyzing results to iteratively improve your game based on real player-data feedback.

Create New Games and Revenue Streams

Every gaming session creates mounds of data in game and server logs about the experience. Gaming companies can create a unique advantage if they generate big data insights from these logs to define and create entirely new games which bring additional revenue streams.

Deliver on Regulatory Requirements

Responsible Gaming means monitoring and staying in control of how much time and money users spend gaming. Increasingly, gaming operators need to demonstrate they are competently detecting and acting on data to minimize gaming-related harm.

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