Internet Security

In order to provide a superior level of service to their customers in a competitive market, this worldwide anti-malware provider uses Datameer to analyze malware threats and internet security.

  • As their customer base grew, data volumes outstripped the capacity of their existing RDMBS-based system. With their workload comprised of nearly 100% ad hoc analytics, the client needed powerful and intuitive data exploration capability across multiple data sources, and the ability to deploy malware fixes within hours as service level agreements with customers demand the ability to quickly analyze large volumes of semi-structured and structured data.

    Datameer is used as both an ad hoc analysis and production (scheduled) reporting system, correlating data in Hadoop, HBase, MySQL and JSON data from message queues and flat files. The client uses Datameer through all stages of the data pipeline, with over 50 incoming data feeds and 300 Datameer analytic workbooks. Malware threat signatures are decoded, geo-located and correlated against a library of known threats, assessing the severity and pinpointing the source. Datameer drastically reduces the development time for ad hoc investigation and classification of suspected and known threats by enabling a broad group of analysts to collaborate across multiple lab sites worldwide without engineering support.

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