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Does More Data Equal Better Analytics?

In our modern world of everything digital and big data, organizations are flush with available data assets that can be used for analytics. We will set aside engineering all...

  • John Morrell
  • July 1, 2021

Six Steps for Answering Ad Hoc Business Questions with Analytics

By strategically approaching ad hoc data analysis, you’ll be able to leverage the information, software, and services at your disposal to transform raw data into valu...

  • Benoite Yver
  • February 25, 2020

5 Ways Advanced Banking Analytics is Transforming the Industry

The banking industry is going through a transformation requiring banks to make data and analytics an integral part of their processes and workflows. Banking analytics! This...

  • Justin Reynolds
  • February 13, 2020
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Latest Trends in E-Commerce and Retail driving Advanced Analytics

The retail landscape has changed considerably in recent years, with traditional brick-and-mortar retailers facing rising pressure from e-commerce competitors. Last year, on...

  • Justin Reynolds
  • February 13, 2020
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Three Analytics Success Stories

Shifting to a data-driven model is the key to remaining competitive and unlocking growth in your business. Successful data strategies at the companies mentioned in these th...

  • John Morrell
  • January 20, 2020