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Moving Data from Snowflake to QlikSense: Easy Peasy with Datameer!

As you’re likely aware, Snowflake has emerged as a leading choice for cloud-based data storage, serving numerous enterprises worldwide. On the other end, QlikSense is gaini...

  • Ndz Anthony
  • July 26, 2023

Snowflake to Sisense: A Step-by-Step Data Migration Guide

You’re standing in a room filled with data — mountains of raw information, awaiting analysis and eager to reveal their hidden insights. On one end, you’ve got Snowflake, a ...

  • Ndz Anthony
  • July 3, 2023

A Simple Guide to Moving Data from Snowflake to Zoho Analytics

In an era where data forms the backbone of business strategies, the need for seamless data migration and effective data analysis tools has never been more crucial. Today, w...

  • Ndz Anthony
  • July 2, 2023

From Snowflake to Looker: A Step-by-Step Guide to Efficient Data Migration

In a modern data-driven business landscape, efficient and effective data transformation is not merely an option; it’s a necessity. One such critical transformation journey ...

  • Ndz Anthony
  • July 1, 2023

How to Perform Live Visual Data Profiling in Snowflake Data Pipeline Using Datameer

If you’re a data engineer, you’re likely always juggling with a wide range of data types and formats from weblogs, Internet of Things devices, social media, and other place...

  • Ndz Anthony
  • June 28, 2023

How to Parse Complex Snowflake Tables with Variant Data Types

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing platform that provides high-performance and scalable analytics capabilities. One of the challenges of working with Snowflake tab...

  • Ndz Anthony
  • June 27, 2023

How to Pivot Complex Tables on Multiple Rows/Columns and Measures with Snowflake Data

Table pivoting is a powerful technique for transforming large or complex data sets by reorganizing rows, columns, and measures in a way that makes it easier to analyze. By ...

  • Ndz Anthony
  • June 26, 2023

How to Perform Union In Snowflake (Disparate Tables with Diverse Structures)

There may be times when you need to merge data from different tables with diverse structures or schemas. For instance, two tables might store customer information, but one ...

  • Ndz Anthony
  • May 17, 2023

A Step-by-Step Guide to Connect Excel to Snowflake

This article will guide you through the steps to connect Excel to Snowflake and get you on your way to becoming a data analytics pro. Snowflake is a cloud-based data wareho...

  • Jeffrey Agadumo
  • March 10, 2023
Excel Data Transformation

Excel Data Transformation: A How-To Guide For Smarter Results

This article outlines methods and tools for Excel data transformation and provides a pictorial guide for each technique or tool listed. Excel is famous for organizing, form...

  • Jeffrey Agadumo
  • February 14, 2023
Import data from Snowflake to Power Bi

A practical guide to importing data from Snowflake to Power BI

In this article, we will guide you through a step-by-step guide on how to connect Power BI to Snowflake. The Snowflake Data Cloud is an advanced, industry-leading data plat...

  • How-Tos FAQs
  • November 10, 2022
snowflake faq

How can I query my staged data in Snowflake?

In this article, we are going to look at how to query staged data in Snowflake and what ways we can use Snowflake to tackle this as well as answer the following: How can I ...

  • How-Tos FAQs
  • October 26, 2022