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Datameer Blog

Work Perks

By on July 1, 2014

A song made famous by Johnny Cash, “I’ve Been Everywhere” has been my theme song this year. Being a one man video production team is no easy task: Germany, Ireland, Detroit, MI, Germany again, Prague, Paris, and Provo, UT. With trips like that in the span of a few months under my belt, it’s crazy to think that we’re only halfway through the year. Is there an end in sight to all of this travel? Happily, the answer is no. As Datameer continues to grow, so does the opportunity for me to visit our customers and colleagues around the world. Here are some of my favorite moments from all of this globe trotting.


Work Perks

Halle, Germany. Some of the best people I know are there and it’s the original home of Datameer. I came here to shoot a recruiting video for our office. The city is full of great people, bars, and museums but the hardest thing to leave behind was the currywurst.

Work Perks

Two of my Halle, Germany colleagues: Will Benica and Rob Bishop


A rainbow while landing in Ireland seemed like such a fitting welcome. Straight out of Germany, I had the opportunity to shoot a customer video with Trustev in Cork.

Diarmuid Thoma

The team instantly made me feel at home and even had me try a proper Irish stout called Beamish, which we drank right across the street from the brewery. Doesn’t get much fresher than that!

Work Perks

Diarmuid Thoma, Director of Fraud & Data Strategy, Trustev

Detroit, MI

Detroit was one of the most interesting cities that I’ve been to this year. I went there to shoot a customer video with the Detroit Crime Commission who is using Datameer to analyze social media data to help reduce criminal activity. I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived given the financial burdens I’ve heard and seen in the news but what I saw was a lot of hope, potential and sincerity. Everyone I met was incredibly friendly. Another thing that I learned is that I’ve spent too much time in California — it was way too cold in Detroit!

Diarmuid Thoma

Provo, Utah

I had a lot of fun shooting the Vivint customer video in Provo (and Lehi). A lot of jokes and a lot of laughs. They’re a company with genuine values who made my job much easier simply by being rad people.

Work Perks

I had an extremely easy flight out there (with the aisle to myself) but the return flight was a bit rockier. Check out the below GIF I created of the lightening storm that was off to our left.

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