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Datameer Blog

Why I Joined Datameer

By on April 23, 2013

Karen Hsu
I just joined Datameer, and it feels like I boarded a rocket. Each day has been amazing and reconfirmed the reasons why I joined the company. There really hasn’t been anything like big data in the last 10 years and our approach of providing native Hadoop analytics to users is really compelling to me. It’s clean, it’s straightforward and our customers are getting huge value from the insights they’re getting.

When I first spoke to the Datameer team, I was amazed at the value Datameer was bringing to customers. You see and hear a lot of hype about big data from a lot of vendors. But Datameer already has customers in Financial Services, Retail, Internet Security, Transportation, Online Gaming, Manufacturing and other industries. Every day, they’re doing fraud detection and prevention, behavioral analytics, customer segmentation, pricing optimization and credit risk analysis. And rather than experiments, they’ve already seen amazing, hard benefits such as preventing $2B in potential fraud, increasing customer conversion by 60% and decreasing customer acquisition costs by 30%. One of the cool aspects of my job is working with our customers to quantify the value Big Data Discovery has brought to their organizations.

Another aspect of Datameer that attracted me was the team that has decades of experience in Hadoop, data management and business intelligence. Datameer was architected by those who have been working with Hadoop since Hadoop’s very beginning. Each day I work more with the team, I continue to be impressed by the people. They are driven, focused on customer success and really smart.

The other aspect for me was timing. I was at Informatica before joining Datameer. Don’t get me wrong, large companies are good, but when a market revolution like big data is happening, you want to be part of that revolution rather than simply reacting to it. Datameer is clearly a driver in this market, pioneering native-Hadoop analytics for the business users.

Cool market, cool company, cool opportunity.

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Karen Hsu