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Datameer Blog

Reflections on Hadoop Summit 2012

By on June 19, 2012

Wow, what a week!

Last Monday, we announced Datameer 2.0, unveiled the software publicly at the Datameer Meetup and BigDataCamp on Tuesday, and we exhibited and had three presentations at Hadoop Summit on Wednesday and Thursday.  The launch drove our largest one day website visitor traffic ever and requests for trial versions just last week exceeded even our wildest expectations, but more on that later.

The Summit was great. There was energy like I’ve never seen in my previous three years of attending.  One of the most striking things we noticed was that the percentage of business users attending went up dramatically this year. It’s clear that we are in a high growth stage as BI analysts, data analysts, business analysts and data scientists attended in high numbers.  Everyone finally gets just what Hadoop can do, and now they’re wanting to harness it and are clamoring for user applications to drive analytics.

Based on conversations we had on the show floor, it’s not surprising to hear that the mission critical part of all of this is the new use cases around the analysis of structured and unstructured data and the need to integrate new and constantly changing data sources. Whether it’s advanced web analytics, product cohort analysis, fraud or rogue trader detection or assessing risk of financial assets, these use cases require that ALL data be correlated.  Its no longer adequate just to count web clicks, companies want to know just which clicks result in successful transactions and what happened to those that didn’t.  It’s a brave new world out there and big data analytics is driving it.

The sessions were great, well-attended, and it was exciting to hear the keynote from Sears’ CTO Phil Shelley, who talked about all the cool things they are doing with Hadoop and Datameer. Companies consider analytics a competitive advantage and many of our customers are keeping their cards close to their chest for good reason. While Sears didn’t reveal all the details, they certainly are a leader in being a data driven company.

On the show floor, we were blown away by the amazing response to Datameer 2.0. The new Business Infographics Designer created a ton of excitement with literally hundreds of folks coming to the booth and our sessions to see the cool new design tool for creating data visualizations. Moving beyond the old box after box style of dashboard, the WYSIWYG Infographics Designer enables users to design any infographic or dashboard they wish. The SVG graphics means that the original resolution is maintained as users zoom in or out and the use of all HTML5 code means that Datameer can be used on any device including iPhones, Android devices, iPads, and even the upcoming Microsoft Surface tablet. People kept telling us how they were struck by the quality of the visualizations and we even had a number of requests from other vendors for a digital copy of the graphics.

The other thing that seemed to really make people’s eyes light up was when we explained that the new Workgroup and Personal Editions come with Apache Hadoop natively embedded in the tool, since that makes it very easy to get started in big data analytics without having to stand up a Hadoop cluster. Also when we told everyone our price points were at $299/year for Personal and $2,999/year for Workgroup, we were asked if we were crazy more times than I can count. And yes, we even have a free 30-day trial.

The bottom line was that the conference was a resounding success, congratulations goes to Hortonworks and Yahoo; feedback from attendees on the floor and in the sessions was very positive. As for us, we are ecstatic over the response to Datameer 2.0 and are looking forward to finding out just what customers will do with it. Onward and upward!

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Joe Nicholson